Ryan is an experienced and principled community leader who has proven an unparalleled work ethic. He has been relied upon again and again by elected officials to help improve Oklahoma. That's who we need representing us in House District 39.
Public Safety Advocate Public Safety Advocate
Ryan believes that public safety is of the upmost importance, and the security of the community is the first function of government.
Volunteer Volunteer
As an active volunteer at Tealridge Retirement Community in Edmond, Ryan strives to give back to the community at every opportunity.
Engaged Community Leader Engaged Community Leader
Ryan is engaged in our community. He is active, aware, and involved with people and small business owners in all of Edmond, from neighborhoods to the downtown business district.
"Ryan has been an exemplary leader willing to serve those around him. I trust him to be our next representative."
, Microsoft


``Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.`` -- Ronald Reagan
Faith is the first and most important guiding principle for the Martinez family. Ryan’s belief in our Lord Jesus Christ called him to be a humble servant to his neighbors and family. He believes God ordains the freedom of the individual, which is the foundation of our Republic. Therefore, defending the right to free exercise of faith is fundamental.
The traditional family is the cornerstone of any stable society. Strong parents are proven to be the best path toward raising a healthy and vibrant next generation. Ryan will fight back against the federal government’s imposition upon the Biblical definition of the family.
The desire to be free sparked the American revolution, and the greatest experience in the history of mankind. Ryan believes liberty is under assault by a big, intrusive government that encroaches upon our property, workplace faith, families and the individual. Ryan will be a staunch defender of the U.S. Constitiution and the freedom it guarantees.
Limited Government
Ryan believes the first and only obligation of government is to protect and defend its citizenry. He believes in less government and more individual responsibility, from the right to carry a firearm to property ownership to the parental authority necessary in the education of our children.


Reliable Conservative
Because he believes so fervently in the American dream and in our God-given liberty, Ryan Martinez has been a conservative Republican leader from even a young age.
Community Leader
With a heart for community outreach, Ryan has always been a leader to make his community stronger.
Key Experience
Martinez has worked previously as the Director of Leadership for Oklahoma Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon, was executive director of the Republican State House Committee, field representative for the Oklahoma Republican Party and is a field representative for Senator Jim Inhofe.


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